Amanda White

The highest grade I reached in public school was eight. I had been doing well in some subjects, but poorly in others. School just didn't interest me so I quit. I found a baby-sitting job, but soon became involved with a man.

The relationship lasted for 11 years. In the beginning it wasn't too bad. As time went on everything went from bad to worse. While I didn't suffer any physical abuse, the mental abuse became unbearable at times.

I wasn't allowed any independence at all. He always told me I couldn't do anything right and called me a lot of names. At one point I took a hospitality course to try and better myself, but that only made life more difficult for me.

When I tried to end the relationship, he made that very difficult also. I eventually went back to him again, though I knew it wouldn't work. The only reason I went back was to satisfy the people who thought I should give him another chance. One of my traits is that I will do things for other people rather than myself.

When I finally left for good, he continued to harass me. He used to tell me what he would do to me and my family if I didn't come back. He also tried to turn the children against me. But I didn't give in, eventually he left the area and things got better. The only thing I don't regret about the marriage is the two beautiful children that came out of it.

After settling into my new lifestyle, I realized I wasn't up to date on many issues; at the age of 23 I went back to school. I had two small children to care for and I wanted to be able to set a good example for them.

I began an ABE Course at the FFAW Learning Center in Templeman. With the responsibility of caring for two small children, a household and school, there were couple of times I didn't think I would get through it. Nevertheless, the teachers were really supportive. Every time you would put yourself down they were there to bring you up and encourage you.

I couldn't believe it when I received my grade twelve diploma. It really felt good. Going back to school gave my self-confidence a big boost. I now know that I have the strength and determination to make a better future for my family.


  1. What did Amanda say was one of her traits?
  2. How old was Amanda when she went back to school?

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