In the Army

(Barry Vineham)

The year was 1941-42. A young man named Carl Rogers worked for the Canadian Army. Apart from working with the Merchant Marines, his job was to carry men across the bay in his own boat.

Each Sunday he carried about forty people three miles across the bay to Phillip's Head, where they attended church. With them Carl carried supplies needed by the Army. There were no roads or street lights leading to places here in Newfoundland. Boats were used for passenger travel, transporting goods and everything else in the small communities.

An Army camp was built in a place called Wiseman's Cove. Carl stayed there all night to bring people back to the mainland in the morning. The group had about six hundred officers. They were from all over Canada, including Quebec and British Columbia. They would take the sick to Botwood by boat and from there by train to the Grand Fails Hospital.

Carl would make trips to take and get mail for the men of the Canadian Army. The men looked forward to getting mail from the loved ones that they missed back home. War is hard, but not all men needed to carry a gun to help the cause that men died for - so we can be free.


  1. Name two of the Canadian provinces the, Army men were from.
  2. Where did the men attend church?

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