Around the Home

(Barry Vineham)

Women today don't do as much around the home as they did in my grandmother's day. Years ago women did more than look after the kids and other housework. After the kids were off to school they would chop wood, bring water and feed the hens, cows, sheep, and any other livestock they might have.

They would weed and water potatoes, carrots, beets, and other vegetables. They didn't have to go to the store for very much because everything was grown at home, they even had eggs and meat.

The women had to put out and turn over all the fish the men caught during the summer. The dried fish would be one food stable for the cold winter, it would also be sold to store owners.

The women in my grandmother's time, and a little while after, did a great deal of work. More than some people today might think. They did a lot of this work before twelve noon.


  1. Do you think women work as hard today as they did years ago?

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