Barbers' Light

(Barry Vineham)

Once in awhile in the early morning just before dawn, a strange light can be seen moving quickly in the harbor mouth like the hand of death that will take anyone in its path.

No one knows what the light really is but some say because of the wind and rain that follows, it's probably from a sunken fishing boat that went down one stormy morning.

The boat was owned by the Barbers and it was never found. Some people say the strange light is a spirit of a lady trying to tell people how to find the lost boat that never made it home on that cold, wet, windy spring morning so many years ago. Legend has it that if you follow her light before the sun breaks out over the hill from the east, you would find an anchor moving across the bottom which leads to the boat.

Some people say there are no ghosts or that the dead cannot contact us inany way. But I say why not? If you were in a ship that went to the bottom in the cold waters of Newfoundland, so close to home but to never see your family again, wouldn't you try to ask for help to let your spirit rest forever with God.


  1. What would you find if you followed the lady's spirit?

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