Barry Vineham

Going back to school was not something I would ever do again I thought, but I was wrong.

Our fish plant shut down, and in an outport town there is little or no work to be found. I looked in different places but nothing was out there. Toronto, I believed, was the answer, but without a high school diploma, the jobs were not what a person could live on.

Back to school I went, not knowing what was in store for me. I was a man who never did very good in high school. I was surprised to be one of the top people after the year was over. Great teachers and good friends helped to give me what I should have got many years before.

To any of you who think you can't do it (like me at first) please try your best. You too can have what many find easy to get but, take it like it's nothing. Good Luck. Pulling for you all ...


  1. What do you think Barry means by: "You too can have what many find easy to get, but take it like it's nothing?" Discuss.

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