Christmas in a Newfoundland Outport

Christmas in Newfoundland is so much fun.
It's hard for me to remember only one.
I'm going to remember one, so you all can
see. This one's about Grandma,
Grandpa and me.

Grandpa with his pipe, Grandma in her chair.
We were all sitting, around without even a
care. Then out on the porch there was a
loud bang. I got scared, and upstairs I ran.

Grandpa got up with a wink and a grin.
He went to the door, to see who wanted in.
And who should it be, mummers, oh
mummers for us to see.

I peeked from the stairs as quiet as a
mouse. That's when they all came into the
house. There were big ones and small ones,
fat ones and thin, And grandpa just stood
there with his toothless grin.

One had an accordion, another had the rum.
They were all there for some good old
Newfoundland fun. The dancing began, the
singing did too. What was a child of ten to do.

Well down the stairs I crept. So no
one could see, I hid behind the
Christmas tree. But Grandma, she saw me,
and pulled me right out, to see all
of them mummers that were scattered
about. Oh! They were so funny, so funny
to see. With boots on their hands and mitts
on their feet.

up a storm that made the
floor boards bend. Even Grandma joined in
to a Newfoundland Jigg.

When it was all over and they were
ready to leave. They all turned around and
looked at me. Now remember they
said, remember my son, a Christmas
without mummers isn't very much fun.
Always let them in every year when they
come. And you will see what fun a
mummer's Christmas can be, for any old Newfie.

Now that I'm older with kids of my own.
I always tell them the story of when I
was young. And when a loud bang at
Christmas time comes, I know it's the
mummers, back for some more old
Newfoundland fun.

Caville Tarrant

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