Mary Mouland

Hello everyone, my name is Mary Mouland. As I sit on this beautiful white sand, under the clear blue sky, I wonder how I got here and why. The insecure feeling I have inside me came from somewhere. It seems like I have felt this way my whole life. They say your early years have a lot to do with the way you think about yourself and others. I keep remembering back over the years, and the day I went to live with my adoptive parents.

I was three years old when my mother and father died. I was placed in many foster homes until I was eight years old. At that time I was adopted into a very loving and wonderful home.

The people that adopted me were much older than me and didn't have any children of their own. I remember the first day I went there; Dad was tarring the roof and Mom was on the porch waiting for me to come. The first thing I said was, "Hello, Mom and Dad," and I ran into their arms. From that day on I was their little girl.

I finally had a family I could call my own. I belonged to someone after all

those years. But everything wasn't perfect. There were times when I wished I could disappear into the thin air. My parents were always protective of me and always wanted me to be the best at everything, especially in school.

I always had to be the perfect lady, not allowed to run and jump and have fun. If I did any of those things I was called wild and a tomboy. Although my parents were very good to me, it was like I could never do anything to please them. Even to this day I am very insecure about everything I do or say.

The years passed. At the age of fourteen I started dating a man who is now my husband. I became pregnant at the age of fifteen and was the mother of three children by the time I was nineteen. I had only got as far as grade nine in school.

I took a GED course when I was 25 years old and received my grade 12 diploma. I was so excited, it felt like I finally achieved something. Eight years later I enrolled in a business course and successfully leapt another hurdle.

Right now I am a 35 year old mother of three grown children and have one beautiful grandchild. My husband is very supportive of me and I thank God for him. Although the years have been hard, after 21 years we are still together. Today I am still insecure, but I am learning how to love myself and to do things for myself and not for everyone else.


  1. Why did Mary feel excited about receiving her grade twelve diploma?
  2. Why was Mary called a tomboy?

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