Maxine Steel

At the age of 16, I dropped out of school, got married and never thought about my future or my education. When my marriage didn't work, I realized I had two children and no education; only then did I begin to wonder what the future held for me.

I worked in the fish plant in Musgrave Harbour for eight years. Then the fishery failed. With the thoughts of a failed fishery and two small children, I really had no idea what I was going to do.

Before long the government came out with a support package for the people affected by the cod moratorium. It really helped a lot of Newfoundlanders. In this package came funds to retrain people to better educate themselves. I was all for this.

For starters, I went back to school and completed grade twelve. Then I decided to go further. I did a course with Centrac College. At times it was very difficult. It was stressful having to deal with school and to leave my two children for five days a week.

I was really put to the test sometimes, but with the help of my wonderful friend Mary and my wonderful mother, I finished my course in February of 1995. I haven't yet found a job that relates to my course but I am still working in a fishplant, at Beothic Fisheries in Valleyfield. The knowledge that I have a course that I can rely on to back me up in the future puts me at ease a little. I am very proud of my accomplishments and especially proud of myself.


  1. Who did Maxine say helped her through the difficult time of dealing with school and leaving her children for five days a week?

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