Indian Burial Ground

(Elaine Woodford)

Grandmother Andre told me that her grandfather told her stories about white settlers killing the Beothucks who were taking iron, nails and other items from the fishing rooms. As the story goes these Beothucks were all buried on Graveyard Point in unmarked graves. As a girl I dug a lot of holes looking for Indians, but to this day, I've found nothing.

Old Rituals

(Cecil Godwin

Cec can remember when his great-grandmother died. She was laid out in the bed rather than a casket. The ritual back then was to touch the corpse so you wouldn't dream about them. Cec's father wasn't satisfied with that, he wanted Cec, his brother and his sister to go in and kiss their great-grandmother. They did it, of course. It was an experience he will never forget and to this day he has a problem with touching a dead person.


(Elaine Woodford)

My father, Bramwell Hale, told me about the time he saw his grandfather walking toward the wharf. His grandfather didn't speak to him so Bramwell didn't say anything. When my father got into the house, his grandfather was sitting at the table eating his dinner. My father was confused but didn't say a word about it. A few days later his grandfather died. My father had seen his grandfather's Doppelganger (Ghostly Counterpart).

Death in the Family

(Barry Vineham)

Years ago when people lost a loved one, they would lay him out in his coffin and put the coffin in the living room. The door to the room was always kept shut so it would be cold in there. Relatives would go back and forth to look at the deceased any time they wanted.

In the kitchen everyone would sit and talk about all the funny things that happened to Uncle Bill, Aunt Effie, Grandfather, Grandmother or whoever it happened to be. They would also have something to drink and eat.

These days you have to lay out your loved one in a funeral home. The old days will soon be all but gone.

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