(Barry Vineham)

In 1979-80 for the first time in many years, squid came to shore. Twillingate and other towns needed jobs very badly. The cod fish were on the way out; no one knew it but the squid were indeed something from God.

The sun was on our side, everywhere you went you could see fines and lines of squid drying in the sun. Even the politicians made a visit and said how great it was to see people making money and to see a smile on the face of each man, woman and child.

"Could this be a start of many good years for squid?" people asked themselves. But it was not to be, as we know now. Today nearly twenty years have gone by and the smiles on everyone's faces are not so bright. Not only has there been no squid, but the cod are all but gone too. What will happen to our little towns?

Little outports like Twillingate might soon become ghost towns. But we have known happy times, like the years of 1979-80 when the rows of squid swung in the breeze and made people feel useful. These days might never come this way again.

In spite of the mismanagement of cod, squid, capelin, etc., God has forgiven the greed we have shown for the resources he gave us to make a life for our families in our little outports towns.


  1. What did the politicians say when they came to visit?

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